1911 Excelsior Single Cylinder / Original Paint

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1911 Excelsior Single Cylinder “Original Paint”

Wow!!! Check out this super rare 1911 Excelsior Single Cylinder Belt Drive with original paint. This is a really rare export only color and is believed to be the only original survivor known to exist in this paint scheme. Don’t miss your chance to own an original piece of history.

The year 1905 was a burgeoning one for American motorcycling. Indian was growing at a phenomenal rate, producing nearly 1200 motorcycles and Harley-Davidson was just getting on their feet. Meanwhile in Chicago, a young German immigrant, Walter Hechscher, was designing a DeDion type single cylinder engine with crankcases integral to a keystone frame. The 21ci engine proved reliable and was able to propel his motorcycle to speeds of 35 to 40mph. Through 1906, Heckscher hand built about 60 of these motorcycles, attracting the interests of several investors.

The Excelsior Supply Company had been manufacturing bicycles and related parts since 1876, became the new owner of the Heckscher designed motorcycle and began their manufacture in 1907 at their Randolph Street factory in Chicago. The single cylinder, belt driven Excelsior Auto Cycle featured an innovative flat sided gas tank mounted inside the upper frame rails, a feature not adopted by other makers for several more years. Production was increased through 1908 and 1909 with sales across the U.S. and overseas. The single cylinder engine’s displacement was increased to 30.50 ci while a 50 ci V-twin stable mate was introduced for 1910.

This 1911 Excelsior Auto Cycle being offered is a unique survivor prior to Schwinn ownership of the company in 1911. Originally located in a German museum for most of its life, it is a very complete motorcycle only missing a few pieces to make it operable.

The engine has an atmospheric intake valve and features battery ignition with a coil located inside the tool box. A flat leather belt provides the final drive.

The sheet metal is in excellent shape with the original Excelsior red panel in superb condition.

MECHANICAL: Motor, Wheels, Crank Pedals and all moving parts turn over as they should. Great Compression on Motor

WHEELS & TIRES: Tires are old and starting to crack but hold air.

Sold on a “Bill of Sale” (Title available for an additional fee)

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1911 Excelsior Single Cylinder

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