1947 BSA B34

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                                          1947 BSA B34 Motorcycle

This BSA motorcycle is a used B34 with correct numbers indicating a 1947 build. The bike has been cleaned and tuned including new plugs and a rebuild of the magneto and a carb cleaning.  A broken cam follower was discovered and new one has been orderd and installed. This motorcycle should be ready to ride at point of sale.



Unknown. This motorcycle has been used but not abused.


Paint cleaned right up, polishes well and shows nicely

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is a mix of after market and original bobbed. The tanks are free of scratches and dings.


Minimal chrome but polished right up. Aluminum parts are real clean and will polish if that is your style.


This bike was reported as running when parked... Yea right! We have tuned the bike and fixed the items we found. A new bushing in the mag provided ignition, a new exhaust valve allowed for exhaust closure, Carb cleaning assisted with fuel delivery and re timing has assisted the delivery if the spark.

Wheels & Tires

Wheels and tires are serviceable. Tires are of older manufacturer but nominally used. Rims are correct for the bike , polished aluminum with painted spokes.


Sold on a bill of sale. A Montana Title is pending


NADA rates a B 34 #1 at $7210.


This is a bobber build. What you see id what you get.


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