1942 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Street Tracker/Bobber

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1942 Harley Davidson WLA Street Tracker/Bobber

This is an original Harley Davidson WLA that waited 25 years for the current owner to find time to restore and create. The result is a stunning, quick and dependable street bobber. Designed to look and run as the flat tracker of the days, this machine is a classic quality build. This machine has 1630 miles on it after the build and it has settled in very nice. The work was managed and completed by Gary Lyons with an engine build by Dale Walkser. This is a complete rebuild of all internal parts with quality labor. The bike is correctly titled and registered in the State of Florida. It is ready for you to polish and ride! This bike will run 95 mph with the rider sitting straight up
Total restoration completed in 2011 by Gary Lyons of Daytona Beach, Fla.

Total miles since restoration 1,630. Completed in 2011.

Price range: $13,250 – $14,500     Buy now  $ $15,750

 Engine overhaul includes:

New crank pin, pinion shaft, sprocket shaft, rod races and bearings .

New wrist pin bushings, pinion and sprocket shaft races and bearings.

New tappet rollers, new cams and cam spacers.

Complete overhaul of both oil pumps.

New generator drive gears.

New valves, valve guides, springs, and keepers.

New tappet covers.

Cylinders bored .020″ oversize.

New pistons, rings, and wrist pins.

New gaskets and seals throughout.

Primary overhaul includes:

New crank sprocket and 3 row primary chain.

New clutch basket and hub.

New clutch plates (steel and fiber) and springs.

New clutch hub/main shaft seal and gasket.

 Transmission overhaul includes:

Replacement of ALL shafts and gears with a 5 speed cluster set.

New cam plate, shift forks and shifter pawls.

New kick start bushing.

New bearings throughout.

All internal bushings replaced with needle bearings.

New cam-plate plunger spring.

All new gaskets and seals.

New sprockets and drive chain.

Magneto overhaul includes:

New bearings and seal

New points, condenser and high tension coil.

New rotor cap and plug wires.

Special engine features:

High compression heads, polished and relieved.

KH cams.

New 1 3/8″ Amal concentric carburetor.

Additional features include:

Engine built by Dale Walksler of WHEELS-THROUGH-TIME museum,

Maggie Valley, NC.

5-speed foot shift transmission.

12 volt electrical system, no battery, just kicks and go.

Completely street legal, has original Harley title.

Wheel and brake overhaul includes:

Breakdown, clean, inspect and repack front and rear wheel bearings.

Replace bearing seals.

New rear brake linings.

New HHI 4 piston front caliper.

Turn front rotor.

Re-torque and true front and rear wheel rims.

New rim strips, inner tubes and tires.

 Front fork overhaul includes:

New frame head cups and bearings.

New upper slider bushings.

New springs, upper and lower, (inner and outer).

New rocker bushings and stub shafts.

New grease fittings.




Check the pictures, beautiful!

Sheet Metal

Limited sheet metal correctly fitted and without fault


Check the pictures. New, bright and shiny and good polish of aluminum where possible


All new mechanically and appropriately completed with quality workmanship.

Wheels & Tires



Florida Title as a WLA with current registration.




Build sheet available


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