1908 Harley Davidson (restored)

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The 1908 Harley Davidson motorcycle includes a 1908 original Harley Davidson motor that was purchased for $65,000 at a swap meet on the East Coast in the early 90’s. This motor was disassembled, inspected, repaired as needed and reassembled with Cosmoline to protect it for the future with an anticipation of life as art rather than a riding motorcycle. The remainder of this machine was remanufactured to such exacting specifications that the machine garnered 99.75 point at the Antique Motorcycle Club of America (AMCA) meet in Dixon CA in 2004.This machine has not seen the light of day since. This judging sheet will accompany the bike to the new owner. Other than the motor, the carburetor and the seat are original.

The pieces used to assemble this fine machine were completed by the artisans that worked together to build an extremely minimal number of machines to preserve history. These mechanical artisans banded together to reproduce a small quantity of parts that would be of the best quality, technically and mechanically correct, and structurally strong. These parts were to be used to restore/create a limited number of complete machines that would represent far into the future what was originally made long ago. The mechanical artisans that were invited to participate were the best in the country in their fields and the most knowledgeable of the actual workings and make up of these machines.

The attention to detail in creating the individual parts was precise down to the smallest detail. An example would be the gas tank bung and filler cap. The cap on this machine is so correct that you would be able to remove it and screw it into an original cap on a 1905 through 1907 machine if you could find one. The sizes of the caps and bung are not at all common today so new taps and single pointed threads were used to duplicate that which was used in the factory at the time.

These early machines are rarely presented in public for sale. They are usually passed between individual collectors on prearranged options. This is an extraordinary opportunity to own a museum grade 1908 Harley Davidson.

The seller will prepare the machine for riding if so requested by the new owner.


This motorcycle has zero miles on the rebuilt motor and assembly.


Paint is flawless with the correct color and the correct pinstripping.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is perfect. Reproduced from originasl samples by the best artisians in the nation.




Motor was taken down, cleaned, repaired/replaced as needed and put back together with cosmoline to preserve it. Seller will prep the bike for riding at the request of the new owner

Wheels & Tires

Correct clincher rims with stainless spokes and white tires.


Sold on a bill of sale.


Not valued


as pictured


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